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Step 1 - Getting a referral

Once you have decided that you would like to use medicinal cannabis in treating your illness/disease, the first step is to talk with your GP or specialist.  Your doctor will need to provide you with a referral to a doctor who can prescribe cannabis.
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Step 2 - Searching for a cannabis doctor

There are many doctors in all states of Australia who can prescribe medical cannabis.  I chose Cannadoc Australia in Melbourne (Dr Shu).  They are very understanding and willing to try different strains of medication to suit me (I have Crohn's Disease).

Step 3 - Finding the right prescription

There are so many types and strains of cannabis that are used for all sorts of illnesses and diseases.  Depending on what you have, will depend on your medication.  It may take time to find the medication that helps you, but there will be one out there that will relieve your symptoms.

Types of Cannabis
Getting Started: Testimonials
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